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iAutomation is a high-tech value add distributor with engineering and integration capabilities.

One organization from Maine to Florida with a consistent focus on products, services & capabilities throughout our territory. 

About us

iAutomation is a group of automation professionals dedicated to bringing you the latest in innovative machine control solutions and services. As part of Complete Automation Solutions Holdings (CAS), we are looking to further evolve ourselves into the hybrid automation partner that our customers need to effectively enable their success in this ever-changing marketplace. We are focused on being a larger, more capable solutions provider within the industrial automation market, maintaining high tech support capabilities and value-added engineering-based offerings. 




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3 Food Safety Hazards and How to Choose Sensor Solutions

Product recall is costly not only in terms of lost revenue, wasted materials, and production time but also in terms of brand reputation and brand loyalty. The sooner food safety issues can be addressed and mitigated, the lower the risk of a large-scale recall. This article outlines three of the...

Saw Mill Capital Announces the Acquisition of RND Automation

Briarcliff Manor, NY. Saw Mill Capital Partners II, LP and affiliated private equity investment funds managed by Saw Mill Capital LLC (“Saw Mill”) are pleased to announce the acquisition of RND Automation (“RND”), a leading, Florida-based integrator of robotics, vision systems and automation solutions for custom packaging and assembly applications....

Finding the Right Robotic Process Automation Partner

A skilled motion control engineering services provider can help manufacturers realize the benefits of robotic applications. Increased demand for precision, reliability, repeatability and speed have been driving the demand for automation and robotics in many manufacturing sectors in recent years. Manufacturers across multiple verticals have been seeking various automation solutions...