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Finding the Right Robotic Process Automation Partner

A skilled motion control engineering services provider can help manufacturers realize the benefits of robotic applications.

Increased demand for precision, reliability, repeatability and speed have been driving the demand for automation and robotics in many manufacturing sectors in recent years. Manufacturers across multiple verticals have been seeking various automation solutions to decrease costs and maintain competitive advantage. Then came a novel coronavirus, workplace disruptions around the globe, and the need to operate in new ways. So, manufacturers are increasingly seeking out skilled partners to help them automate, adapt and succeed.

Engineering product and services providers—particularly those with partners of their own—help manufacturers realize the benefits of robotic applications. Whether the application is pouching in a food & beverage plant, robotic inventory management, pick and place, or small device assembly, companies are turning to such partners to help automate the many labor-intensive transactional tasks within their facilities.

Businesses have been forced to rapidly consider new means for producing products amid the virus pandemic which has forced many industries to shutter their production while manufacturing labor has been sent home to quarantine. Pandemic mitigation strategies, such as home quarantine of ill or exposed persons, have heightened awareness that robot technology can replace human assembly of mission critical products.

Benefits are being recognized, drawbacks are being articulated, and new ways of working are being invented. Hardware and software solutions bringing together robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and cloud-based computation are available. Companies that had plans to implement robotics into their future factory automation initiatives are now expediting those implementations.

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