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iAutomation unifies engineering and technology to provide complementary solutions within the entire machine line, allowing for consistent evolution of performance.

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Because technology is constantly evolving as challenges and cost to adapt continue to expand. We understand these challenges and what it takes to permanently defeat them.

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iAutomation adds   ABB

iAutomation & ABB Team Up - iAutomation announces partnership with ABB to create a more powerful product offering for customers. iAutomation is now providing ABB Drives, Motors, Electrification and Safety products throughout the entire East Coast.

Better Linear Rail Options - Having Linear Rail Delivery & Cost Issues? If you need Performance and Delivery at a Very Competitive Price, we have the solution!

Let's Clear the AIR (with pumps & compressors) - Many OEM pneumatic applications require the air stream to be clear of foreign particles such as oil. This is especially important in the medical, laboratory, environmental, and food preparation markets.

PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE FOR PNEUMATICS - Introducing IntelliSense®, a technology platform enabling users to be proactive about maintenance and system optimization.

HYGIENIC/WASHDOWN SOLUTIONS - Check out these products designed to meet the toughest hygienic requirements.

TRACEABILITY = VISIBILITY = ACTIONABLE DATA - Traceability is the act of documenting every step in a process chain. This means recording the history, location, or use of an item by means of automated identification.

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