Customer Testimonials:

Food Packaging Plant:

"You have helped me to be successful in all of my projects. You have all made me realize that there are options to the obvious solution to problems. I really feel that the B&R controls are the future. Once B&R is established in the field, others will follow in their path. You guys have a special team that has a truly personal touch."

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Pharmaceutical Packaging:

"Modular Packaging was first introduced to B&R by Automation Solutions as an alternative for a new controls package for our electronic counters. Our previous systems lacked the capability of our competitors to analyze products and reject for incorrect count or size. We were looking for a system that would be capable of meeting our machine specification calling for output of 55-60 bottles per minute, the ability to detect and reject errors in count and tablet size, and do it with off the shelf components. B&Rs Power Panel touchscreen HMI/PLC/motion controller and X20 I/O allowed us to meet all requirements and ultimately exceeded our expectations. Automation Solutions was invaluable in working with us to develop the product and bring it to market under budget and ahead of schedule"
"Automation Studio is an excellent tool that makes designing and maintaining a system cost effective. We do not have to worry about multiple hardware and software platforms and the possibility of obsolescence of those systems"

"Following this success, we began to review the possibility of using B&R components on all machines. We are currently in process with that conversion. In addition, we are in the process of a complete line integration of multiple lines. Using B&R we can manage the system from a single interface point, track the overall line efficiency and provide that information to the customer is an easy to manage package."

"B&R will become our standard machine/line control."

Modular Packaging Systems sales manager Andrew Smith
read the article: Modular Packaging Systems standardizes on B&R for controls

Packaging Filling Equipment:

"Thanks again for the help----you offered very helpful suggestions----and we will use them! I appreciate your taking the time to review and comment on our approach and implementation of the Trio programming. As I indicated on the phone, having help a phone call away allows us to do a much better job for our customers. That said, please know that we sincerely appreciate all of the help we've received from Integrated Motion."

Plastic Extrusion:

"We are very satisfied. The cutter has had no complaints from our production floor and they generally complain about everything! I am very pleased with the project. I'm not going to be shy about getting you to do more work for us either!"

Tire Manufacturing:

"You're top notch guys. You're the one I call when I need things done."

News Paper Printing:

"Kudos to you and Jim. Thanks for all your help yesterday to get us running."