Complex systems don’t need complex solutions

iAutomation improves processes with faster development and implementation cycles, with the least risk. Our people take a practical approach and make it easier for you to make big steps. We are doing things in a very different way.

Here’s a good example

Food Packaging Plant

“You have all helped me to be successful in all of my projects. You have all made me realize that there are options to the obvious solution to problems. I really feel that the B&R controls are the future. Once B&R is established in the field, others will follow in their path. You guys have a special team that has a truly personal touch.”

HMI Integration

  • Previous buttons/switches removed
  • Recipes, machine configuration, and diagnostics managed by operator from the HMI
HMI Integration

Timing for Pusher

  • Add sensor to match paddle position to pusher position
  • Home off encoder then electronic time change in software
  • Continuous motion. No more physically turning disc to main shaft
Timing for Pusher


  • Old registration was coarse, no auto registration
  • Now within 2-3 packages, registration will reset automatically
Main Machine Encoder

Main Machine Encoder (removed)

  • VFD replaced with Servo Drive
  • Accurate feedback through servo motor
  • More diagnostics and config through HMI

Bar Code Scanner Integrated

  • Previously, just pass/fail signals
  • If they wanted changes, had to reprogram separately
  • Now IP67, extremely configurable, data sent directly back to PLC/HMI
Bar Code Scanner Integrated

Transformers for Heaters

  • Integrated Temp Controller in new syste
  • Replaced 2 transformers with one
  • Saving space and more efficient
Transformers for Heaters


old and new control panel