We Believe in iNNOVATION

Innovative Product Distribution

We believe that Innovation drives every market. Innovation drives your market...
We bring the most Innovative Technologies & Services to the Industrial Market. Your machine’s performance should evolve at the same rate that technology does. iAutomation provides unique solutions that enable you to keep ahead of your competition without having to go through prolonged design cycles. We strive for more successes and market penetration with customers looking to control their machines the best way possible.


At iAutomation, we aspire to earn mutually dependent partnerships with our customers, suppliers and people. Working closely with our partners to differentiate their machine’s value within their market space and to create a competitive advantage in the global market.

Demonstrating a true uniqueness
Utilizing our industry experts, state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive engineered solutions, we deliver value that is unmatched in the industry.

Challenging the boundaries of Innovation
As technology advances, we continually look beyond the status quo. Working with our partners to develop solutions that are revolutionary in performance, value and market acceptance.

Striving for Excellence
We understand that operating in demanding markets requires a customer centric culture of excellence. Attention to details, pride in our work and dedication to results are paramount to our mutual success.

Our mission is to partner with our customers and suppliers to design and build innovative, differentiated automation systems and subsystems, required for competing in global markets.

We Do This By:

Distributing state-of-the-art products from industry leading manufacturers.

Engineering to maximize product and machine performance.

Assembling these products to provide economic value for our customers.

Delivered by dedicated people with a sense of urgency, committed to our customers’ success.

You can trust us to do the job for you

When you call a distributor, they might tell you that they have an engineer on staff. We have over 50. iAutomation unifies engineering, technology and service to provide complementary solutions within the entire machine line, allowing for consistent evolution of performance. We make sure that your automation gives you a leg up on the competition, not handcuff you with headaches and limitations

Engineering, Technology & Service

A lot of times, our customers don't realize the value of our services until we help them with just one aspect of their machine. Through that process they begin to understand what a complete solutions provider really means. They learn very quickly that the connection of all aspects of automation is very valuable. That is very important to us.

When a machine goes down in the middle of the night, it is important to have a plan that eliminates costly downtime. Through the unification of engineering, technology and service, we can approach every project to exceed the specific needs of our customers. Maintainability, scalability, portability and overall hardware independence are typically the main achievements.

You want Solutions, not salespeople

We have grown with our top clients for over 15 years because we actively help them solve problems and enhance their machine performance.

Whether you require a full machine control solution or just a piece of automation, we can provide it.
We create relationships with partners and customers that last.

We offer support globally

  • No matter where support is required, we are able to help
  • Our remote diagnostic and maintenance capability save time and money
  • We have partner sites all over the world
Global Support