Technology Evolves quickly and so should You

Machine performance should evolve at the same rate that technology does. We understand that designing in the latest technology can be tricky: cost of change, installed base, and perceived market demands are all considerations. iAutomation offers the most progressive, flexible and scalable technologies on the market.

Here’s a good example

Pharmaceutical Packaging Line

Pharmaceutical Packaging

"Modular Packaging was first introduced to B&R by Automation Solutions as an alternative for a new controls package for our electronic counters. Our previous systems lacked the capability of our competitors to analyze products and reject for incorrect count or size. We were looking for a system that would be capable of meeting our machine specification calling for output of 55-60 bottles per minute, the ability to detect and reject errors in count and tablet size, and do it with off the shelf components. B&Rs Power Panel touchscreen HMI/PLC/motion controller and X20 I/O allowed us to meet all requirements and ultimately exceeded our expectations. Automation Solutions was invaluable in working with us to develop the product and bring it to market under budget and ahead of schedule”
“Automation Studio is an excellent tool that makes designing and maintaining a system cost effective. We do not have to worry about multiple hardware and software platforms and the possibility of obsolescence of those systems”

"Following this success, we began to review the possibility of using B&R components on all machines. We are currently in process with that conversion. In addition, we are in the process of a complete line integration of multiple lines. Using B&R we can manage the system from a single interface point, track the overall line efficiency and provide that information to the customer is an easy to manage package.”

"B&R will become our standard machine/line control."

Modular Packaging Systems sales manager Andrew Smith
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