A True Automation Resource

Turnkey Systems DevelopmentiAutomation can take a project as far as needed, from technology assessment through contract manufacturing.

Our services include custom assemblies, inspection and testing, custom cabling, application software development, systems integration, panel building, customer training.

We offer you our Engineering Services to help you utilize iAutomation products successfully in your automation systems.

iAutomation offers a systematic approach to automation assurance through a structured set of engineering services, which when combined, are the essential steps necessary to complete a turn-key project. These services are offered unbundled depending on the level of integration desired to meet specific application requirements.

Step #1: Technology Assessment

Our goal at iAutomation is to make our clients’ projects successful. We understand there are many ways to solve an application. When we look at your application, we don’t just look at the machine specification to solve the application; we look at the whole picture. Our first question is, “What do you want to accomplish?” Then we work with you to determine how to best accomplish it. In our proposals, we don’t just select components. Our solution is based on your specifications and the following criteria:

Each of these questions helps us to narrow down the components we select. We don’t want to be just your automation supplier; we want to be your automation partner.

Step #2: Proposal

Once we have completed our analysis, we prepare a presentation specific to your solution, usually with several choices.  We then review with you to make sure we have fully understood and met your needs. After this discussion we prepare a formal proposal.

Step #3: The Right Choice

Once you place your order, we will kick-off the project and re-emphasize scheduling needs.

Step #4: Putting it all together

While many companies have the competence in house to put their system together and get it running, in today’s world of understaffed engineering departments and tight deadlines we help to the fullest extent.