Engineering Design & Support

Project development assistance

When specifications are not available but need development, or when a project requires an engineering study or feasibility research, then assistance is recommended prior to investing in a final solution.

Software programming assistance

For those applications where only machine automation products are sold, software programming assistance is offered to program the hardware to mutually understood specifications.

Certified drawings and documentation

Many projects require drawings and documentation to assure proper mounting and connectivity. Many connection drawings are archived, or can be created to provide certified documentation to allow you to complete the integration successfully.


System packaging services

Many projects may require packaging only. Normally, packaging services are provided complete with drawings and documentation depending on the complexity. Machine envelope configurations are also available using our aluminum frame technology.

Installation and start-up services

Such services are generally offered on a time and material basis, unless a specific number of days are included with a turn-key project.

Dedicated training programs

As our client’s demands and knowledge vary, we offer a flexible system that includes training modules to fit the goals and tempo of the training. Our training programs focus in the areas of control technology, safety technology, visualization and operation, motion control, and process control. These are done at one of our many locations or at the customer’s site.

Combined, these services provide a turn-key solution when incorporated with the optimally selected machine automation products.

Typical Projects

  • Complete Machine Control Solution
    Implementation of Control, HMI, IO, Electrical and Mechanical Motion, Sensors, and Safety. Depending on the support level that the client requires, we are always prepared to design and develop all code based on the specification. Our systems have extensive diagnostics and simulation capabilities and remote maintenance features.
  • Motion Control System
    Whether it’s a standalone motion controller with various axes of motion or an X/Y/Z stage, we help in sizing your solution and recommending the best hardware fit.
  • Auxiliary Component Package
    We have a full portfolio of high quality, high performance products including sensors, switches, power supplies, encoders, mechanicals, couplings, air bearings, electric actuators, etc. We can provide any product solutions to improve the performance of your automation system.
  • Vision System
    Complete evaluation of vision inspection requirement and full implementation with onsite installation and testing support.

Our engineers can help assess issues with your current system and provide lasting investments with better performance.

  • Multi-axis control solutions
  • Complex motion solutions
  • PC-based control solutions
  • Complex PLC solutions
  • Machine vision solutions
  • Laser technology solution
  • Creative engineering solutions
  • Sizing/Specifying Automation Components
  • Fully designed and documented control system
  • Software / Code development
  • Startup Installation & Commissioning
  • Flexible manufacturing scheduling
  • Custom assemblies and product modifications
  • Custom design and prototyping

Programming services include machine control systems, standalone PLCs, Communication, Fieldbus systems, HMI visualization, motion controllers, vision systems, safety control networks, etc. The controls can be programmed within a modular architecture and structuring of subprograms into tasks with different priorities.

  • IEC61131-3 – LD (Ladder Diagram)
  • IEC61131-3 – FBD (Function Block Diagram)
  • IEC61131-3 – IL (Instruction List)
  • IEC61131-3 – SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
  • IEC61131-3 – ST (Structured Text)
  • CFC (Continuous Function Chart)
  • Automation Basic
  • ANSI-C

These languages can be mixed and combined as needed in the program and can access the same data types and use the same libraries and variables.

Ongoing Local & Worldwide Support

Global Support