White Papers

iAutomation Smart Motion Cheat Sheet (2.27 MB)
A detailed look into sizing Smart Motion Systems.(includes Smart Motor Sizing/Selection Flow-Chart, Key Motion Relationships, Key Mechanism Related Equations, Engineering Unit Conversions)
Machine Safeguading (2.04 MB)
iAutomation's safety solutions include hard machine guarding, magnetic door switches, keyed interlock switches, door hinge switches, two-hand control modules, light curtains (category 2, 3, &4), emergency stop devices, fiber optic safety system, safety controllers / relays, and complete safety control panels.
Custom Lab Enclosures (2.63 MB)
iAutomation designs, manufactures, and installs bespoke enclosures for the biopharmaceutical and life science industries. Through the latest CAD software from SolidWorks, Pro Engineer, and Auto-CAD, we design around function, cost, and aesthetics, to produce unique and highly functional laboratory enclosures. These enclosures can be custom tailored to your exact needs, or modified from a standard product offering.
ETD Transport Cart (2.54 MB)
The ETD Transport Cart is an ideal solution to mobilize your detection equipment. The cart has an array of features focused around ergonomics and reliable support for your ETD’s. The cart can be supplied as a turn key unit using APC battery and UPS systems to power your equipment, or as a base model for you to add your own power supply components to. Locking points and integrated storage provide security for your equipment in and out of use.
Industrial Ethernet Article (233.25 KB)
Although the discussion that surrounds industrial Ethernet solutions frequently centers on such academic topics as the right method and the fastest technology, the long-term market will only accept solutions that are open, proven, easy to use, future-oriented and that conform to standards and support interoperability. Users have become extremely cautious about proprietary systems since they can lead to unpredictable dependence that cannot be easily lifted.
Differences Between Round & Square Rail Linear Guides (326.27 KB)
The advantages and disadvantages of each linear guide technology. Get an inside look into which type of linear guide would work best for you. In order to apply the correct type of linear guide in a particular application, the design engineer must consider the advantages and capabilities of each. In many cases the designer has a fair amount of flexibility between which technologies they employ. Tuning the performance of one's system by choosing the most appropriate component for each function will result in the optimum solution, translating into competitive advantage relative to cost and performance. by Robert Lipsett, Engineering Manager, Thomson BSA
The Epic Struggle in Linear Motion (1.37 MB)
In these days of twice as good at half the cost in electronics, mechanical engineers need all the innovation they can get. Imagine the perfect bearing: Zero friction, zero wear, infinite load, and infinite speed. Whoa! Even the electronics industry would be trying to catch up with that innovation.
Hygienic Washdown Solutions (1.23 MB)
Check out these products designed to meet the toughest hygienic requirements. iAutomation’s knowledge of the entire spectrum of technology ensures that you get a solution that fits best with your system.