Dispensing and Conformal Coating Equipment

The manufacturer of this dispensing and coating equipment targets automated assembly and related industries. The machines are designed to apply sealants, coatings, and adhesives to a wide variety of products. In one particular application known as conformal coating, the machine sprays a substance that protects areas on PCBs from such things as vibration, dust, solvents, temperature extremes, and oxidation. This machine is also capable of dispensing applications, epoxy precision dot placement, and gasketing operations. Complex geometric path interpolation and acceleration/deceleration calculations are used in all axes simultaneously to apply a smooth, even, coating on the intended target surface. This is the only coating system on the market that allows rotational motion of the spray and dispense head in addition to linear movements.

Dispensing              Dispensing             Dispensing

Smooth, precise control was necessary to move the nozzle in this low voltage, 3-4 axis machine. AMC provided the company with small, cost effective, brushless motor drives that meet or exceed needed performance. This machine required customized servo drives with modified connectors and silkscreen, and power supplies with space necessary for mounting drives directly on the power supply case. Pricing, performance, and reliability all played a part in making AMC the servo drive supplier of choice for this company.

Servo Drives in Use Axes / Applications Other Servo Drives
  • B25A20FAC
  • DPRANIE-015A400
  • B15A8 - Modified


  • X-Y-Z-H & Theta
  • Z-Drives
  • DPCANTE-025B200
  • DPRALTE-025B200
  • DPRALTE-020B080


Case Study: Dispensing and Conformal Coating Equipment