Machine Gaurding

iAutomation offers hundreds of safety components for protecting workers from point-of-operation hazards. These include safety interlocks for lift-off, hinged and sliding guards ... as well as electro-optical sensors where "movable" or "hard guards" are not suitable for the application. Each of these tamper-resistant interlock switches/sensors is third-party tested to assure conformity to all relevant directives.

Interlock Swithces
Interlock Swithces
  • Keyed Interlock Switches
  • Solenoid-Latching Interlocks
  • Hinged Interlock Switches
  Safety Sensors
Safety Sensors
  • Non-Contact Safety Sensors
  • Pulse-Echo Non-Contact Sensors
  • Safety Rated Limit Switches
Cable Pull Switches
Cable Pull Switches
  Safety Edges
Safety Edges

Units can be quickly and easily assembled lengths of 400 mm to 10 m.

Perimeter Gaurding

In addition to providing a wide variety of solutions for point-of-operation guarding, iAutomation offers a selection of contact and non-contact safety devices for area/perimeter guarding. These include safety light curtains/grids, safety light barriers, and a family of industrial-grade safety pressure mats... each with compatible safety controllers for achieving control reliability.

Light Curtains
Light Beams
Light Curtains Light Curtains   Light Beams Light Beams
Pressure Mats
Safety Controllers
Pressure Mats Pressure Mats   Safety Controllers Safety Controllers

Specialty Safety Devices & Installation Accessories

iAutomation also offers an array of specialty safety devices and installation accessories generally not available from other component suppliers. Their purpose is to provide easy-to-implement solutions to some of the specific application requirements that often arise.

These products include:
  • Safety door handle systems
  • Enabling devices
  • Safety foot switches
  • Two-hand controls
  • Alignment aids