Servo Systems

Brushless Servo Motors

Rotary Servo Motors

Brushless servomotors are designed to operate over a broad range of speeds and have the advantage of reduced maintenance since there are no brushes or commutators. DC brushless motors offer superior performance with our highest torque/inertia ratio and high speed capability of up to 8,000 rpm for standard designs (up to 70,000 rpm for special designs).

  • Feedback Devices: Fesolver, SFD, incremental, ENDAT and sine encoders
  • Seals for improved environmental protection
  • Shaft ends closed or open keyway, flat, smooth
  • Dual or single intercontec, straight or rotatable
  • 24 VDC fail-safe brakes

Compact Syncronous Motors

Compact Servo Motors

The most modern machine concepts demand excellent dynamics and performance within the smallest amount of space possible. Compact servo motors provide extremely high power density for the highest level of support when designing machines.

  • Ultra compact and highly dynamic
  • Power range up to 1 kW for 80 VDC and 320 VDC DC bus voltage
  • Multiturn encoder with the same length
  • Robust, industrial connectors with optimum EMC shielding
  • Fast, easy and automated locking



Gearmotors combine the torque density and speed capabilities of servo motors with the proven performance of Planetary gearheads to produce a single, factory-integrated solution. Built for high torque applications, gearmotors offer the precision and performance required by the most demanding motion control environments.