Press Releases

Piedmont Automation Joins iAutomation
iAutomation is pleased to announce the acquisition of Piedmont Automation as our latest affirmation of commitment to expand and improve services to our customers and the partnership with our strategic suppliers.
New Partner Announcement (FESTO)
We are pleased to announce our partnership with Festo Corporation effective June 5th, 2014. iAutomation is now an authorized provider within New England, Metro New York, Northern New Jersey, and Virginia.
New Company Information
The exciting union of iAutomation and Action Automation & Controls is nearing its conclusion. One of the final elements of our unification is the migration to a single ERP system. This system migration will unite our supplier base and grant you access to the extensive array products we have to offer. By merging ERP systems, we position ourselves to uphold our commitment to continuously improve your Customer Experience and the value proposition we offer. We look forward to delivering you a completely satisfying automation experience.
TED Magazine: Action Automation Takes To The Cloud
Six months ago Action Automation & Controls became the newest addition of iAutomation. Today, the company is transitioning to a cloud-based ERP that will help the company take customer service to a whole new level.
iAutomation Acquires Action Automation & Controls, Inc.
iAutomation is pleased to announce the addition of Action Automation & Controls, Inc. This is our second major acquisition in three years.
iAutomation Website Released
As a result of our merging brands from AutomationSolutions/Integrated Motion to iAutomation, we are proud to release our new website. The website will replace our existing sites for AutomationSolutions and Integrated Motion.
Integrated Motion & AutomationSolutions unveil new brand
After 15 years in business, Integrated Motion & AutomationSolutions formally unveiled a new brand identity. The new identity represents a significant milestone in the company's history. The new branding simplifies and unifies the company's identity across all product lines and services in order to better communicate important characteristics and value to customers and suppliers.