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The Latest In Machine Automation
iAutomation is a distributor of industrial automation products. However, over the course of its history, the company has developed an expertise that has enabled it to form mutually beneficial partnerships with clients far beyond the typical distributor relationship. “Our mission is to partner with customers and suppliers,” says iAutomation Marketing Director Josh Walters, “and to help enable innovation within their business because when they grow, we grow.”
Where is automation working for Food and Beverage?
As automation continues its march across all sectors of the economy, there is almost nowhere that it's not making a difference! Click to read more about what ABB discovered!
Precision Rack & Pinion
Rack and Pinion systems can replace ball screw systems with longer travel capability without adding inertia and offer higher force capability. Click the link to read more on this new release from Apex Dynamics
Need to continuously monitor liquid levels?
Need to continuously monitor liquid levels? Check out this new offering from Balluff Inc. This flexible, self-adhesive capacitive sensor head is non-contact & can be cut to desired length.
Changing the Game in Industrial Distribution
How Industrial Distributors are Changing their Business Models A new generation of Industrial Distributors is defying convention. Rather than buying into the traditional rule book—scaling back investments during challenging economic times— innovative distributors see the upside. Leveraging technology and innovative approaches, a new generation of management writes new rules for the sector, extending their business models to gain market share.
Macron Dynamics Makes Guinness World Records!
One of our vendors, Macron Dynamics recently contributed to a record setting 3D Coca-Cola billboard in Times Square! Check out this story + video about this fun billboard that was recognized by Guinness World Records!
Top 5 OEM Misconceptions About the IIoT
Most are aware of the term industrial internet of things (IIoT), but many OEMs are hesitant to implement. Check out some of the common misconceptions.
Banner: Long-Range Time-of-Flight Laser Sensor
Banner’s LTF laser sensor with IOLink enables remote configuration & monitoring, simplified maintenance.
Total cost of ownership: pneumatic vs electric linear actuators
Saving $$ counts! Check out how Tolomatic is helping customers get their dollar's worth + longevity!
Festo: How to obtain maximum performance in small spaces
Your objective: maximum performance in small spaces Our solution: efficient automation – geared to your needs
B&R's Orange Box is the smart-factory upgrade for legacy equipment
At the 2017 Hannover Messe, B&R presented its new Industrial IoT solution: Orange Box. The Orange Box enables machine operators to collect and analyze data from previously isolated machines and lines. Click here to find out how it works. At the 2017 Hannover Messe, B&R presented its new Industrial IoT solution: Orange Box. The Orange Box enables machine operators to collect and analyze data from previously isolated machines and lines. Simple as a smartphone, installing the Orange Box requires no changes to existing hardware or software. Equipment owners can achieve a substantial boost in productivity with a remarkably small investment in time and cost. Thanks to the mapps, the Orange Box is as simple and intuitive to operate as a smartphone.
B&R is investing in R&D, infrastructure and workforce expansion
B&R is investing in R&D, infrastructure and workforce expansion. At the Hannover Messe trade fair, Managing Director Hans Wimmer and General Manager Peter Gucher announced B&R's plans to up production capacity. The company will also be expanding its R&D offices in Salzburg. "These measures will bring our sales a big step closer to the billion mark."
Glass Touch Screen as Standard
B&R presents new multi-touch terminals B&R has added an operator terminal with a glass screen and multi-touch technology to its Power Panel T-Series. The new Power Panel T50 is available in widescreen variants with a diagonal of up to 10.1" diagonal and is equipped with a gigabit-capable Ethernet interface.
Ball Screw Drunkenness: Debunking the Myth for Miniature Applications
Thread drunkenness is defined as the erratic pitch error occurring within intervals of one pitch. Machine Design magazine has published a new Thomson technical whitepaper to help design engineers manage this issue properly and achieve the required accuracy in new machine designs
Tolomatic: Replace Hydraulic Cylinders with Electric RSX Actuators
RSX extreme force, electric actuators replace hydraulic cylinders for increased performance. Eliminate the risk of hydraulic fluid leaks while improving position control, accuracy and repeatability. Tolomatic's RSX096 actuator, the first release of the RSX product family, is capable of thrusts up to 133.45 kn (30,000 lbf) and is an ideal choice for replacing hydraulic cylinders
GAM: Gearboxes for Cartesian Robot Applications
Whether you need assistance with a simple motor mount or mechanical engineering support for a complex assembly, GAM has the product range and design expertise for your next Cartesian robot application. Choose from a variety of inline and right angle gearboxes that connect directly with actuators as well as the necessary mounting adapters and couplings required to transform individual components into an integrated robotic solution. Get your customer's Cartesian robot moving with GAM gearboxes
Conveyors help medical-product manufacturer package (and temporarily store) product
Customized QC Industries Conveyors + custom engineering from iAutomation = One satisfied customer! Click to read more!
Precise Strain Measurement
B&R has added 2 new analog input modules to its X20 I/O series that can be used to digitize signals from strain gauges: the X20AIA744 with 2 full-bridge strain gauge inputs and the X20AIB744 with 4 full-bridge strain gauge inputs. Up to 4 strain gauge channels can now be housed in a module just as thin as a single-channel unit. Users save both equipment costs and control cabinet space.
Perfectly Synchronized
Automation technology from B&R makes it easy to achieve precise synchronization of conveyor belts and robots. The company's readily configurable PLCopen function blocks can be used to implement conveyor belt tracking.
Pneumatic System Solutions with B&R
In cooperation with partners Festo, ASCO Numatics and Aventics, B&R has created the perfect solution for seamlessly integrating pneumatic solutions in an automation system. Customers benefit from extremely easy handling, high clock accuracy throughout the system and maximum freedom in the selection of hardware.
Innovation is a Journey (Manufacturing Today)
Read how our customer, C.R. Onsrud, expanded product capabilities during the recession to prepare for growth.
Covering the final stretch to Industry 4.0 with IO-Link 1.1
B&R is introducing two new master modules that each use IO-Link 1.1 to communicate digitally with four intelligent field devices: The X20DS438A with IP20 protection and the X67DS438A with IP67 protection for use outside the control cabinet.
iAutomation Improving Operations with Cloud-Based Enterprise Systems
iAutomation’s move to a unified cloud environment for ERP and CRM helps drive double-digit revenue gains and improve customer service.
Precisely Monitor Press Shut Heights with Rugged Rotary Magnetic Encoders
B&R: Safety Molded to Perfection
Plastic processing machines operate at high speeds & require appropriate measures be taken to ensure the safety of plant workers. With openSAFETY, it is possible to implement a comprehensive range of safety functions with extremely fast response times.
Conveyor OEM and Integrator Implement Quick & Easy Control for Error-Proofing
When a Tier 1 automotive chassis component manufacturer needed to implement an Error Proofing System, they turned to their conveyor OEM and their control systems integrator for help.
Banner Engineering--Clear Glass Jar Detection for Food and Beverage Splash Zone
The food and beverage industry is continually challenged to maintain high quality products while ensuring consumer safety. To eliminate bacteria and the risk of food borne illness, equipment used to fill salsa jars must be washed down using pressurized water, high temperature fluids and aggressive chemicals. Upholding efficient manufacturing processes can be difficult with these stringent washdown and cleaning requirements.
B&R to showcase modular automation systems for off-highway vehicles at IFPE 2014
From March 4-8, 2014, B&R will exhibit its innovative technology solutions for mobile automation at booth 83550 in the South hall of IFPE, the leading international exposition for the integration of fluid power with other technologies for power transmission and motion control applications. The show is co-located with CONEXPO-CON/AGG, where an additional 100,000 industry professionals from for every major construction industry including asphalt, aggregates, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, mining, utilities will come together.
Ultrafast automation with reACTION technology
With reACTION technology, B&R is able to reduce cycle times in industrial automation down to 1 µs. This new approach allows extremely time-critical subprocesses to be managed using standard hardware – all within the requirements of IEC 61131 – while cutting costs by reducing the load on the controller and optimizing performance to match demands.
Distances up to 100 meters with Smart Display Link 3
B&R's Smart Display Link 3 allows Automation PCs and panels to be placed at optimal locations along the machine – even in extensive systems spanning up to 100 meters.
Injection Molding From The Ground Up
In the expanding and competitive industry of injection molding, it is becoming increasingly vital that machinery manufacturers differentiate themselves with innovative and efficient designs to reduce both manufacturing and operating costs. The 300 ton hybrid injection molding machine uses the latest servo technology from B&R, which delivers energy savings and integrated safety in a simple, modular design.
Copy & Paste: Hardware configuration has never been this easy
B&R introduced Automation Studio, the first integrated development tool for industrial automation, back in the 1990s. Since that time, B&R solutions have all been developed within a consistent and fully integrated software environment. The hardware configuration is an important stepping stone in the path to a finished automation application since it is essentially lists the hardware on which the software will eventually be required to perform.
Tolomatic: New hygienic designed ERD electric cylinders are IP69K, stainless steel and USDA approved.
Automated Shut Height and Crash Protection
Die and stamping press damage due to improper shut height is a common and costly problem in the metal forming industry. In one such company, there was an average of two to four occurrences per year which cost up to $80K per occurrence. Resulting die crashes required that the jammed press be cut open to free the press and the locked dies were torched, cut, and/or mechanically coaxed out to remove them. In all cases, it took several days for this process to take place, causing lost production and significant down time (not to mention the financial loss and aggravation for a multitude of employees). Incorrect shut height was caused by a mismatch of recipe selection in the press controller versus correct die for the intended part production. Early attempts to solve this with a commercial grade RFID system resulted in three months of programming effort that never functioned satisfactorily. That is where the Balluff UHF RFID system came in to verify proper die and recipe selection as well
Automation PC 910 from B&R with up to five slots
B&R's Automation PC 910 is now available with 5 slots, in addition to the previously available 1-slot and 2-slot models. The housing can now be selected to allow installation of one, two or up to five PCI or PCI Express cards. By selecting just the right processor, memory and housing, customers have the freedom to design the perfect PC to meet the needs of their automation solution.
Murr Elektronik : Modlink MSDD Interface System
New Features and Frames = More Options
Close cooperation between Intel® and B&R
Until now, new processor generations have generally been limited to office and home computers. It often took time for industrial PCs to play catch up in terms of performance and multimedia capabilities. This isn't the case with the new Automation PC 910 from B&R. This system was developed in close cooperation with the US semiconductor manufacturer Intel®, who were busy planning the third generation of their Core™ i-series processors at the time. As the Intel® Core™ i3, Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 CPUs with up to four cores appeared on the market, they were immediately put to use in B&R's Automation PC series.
Fully automated CNC material handling solution
C.R. Onsrud Inc. & B&R, have teamed up to develop a high quality, cost effective, and easy-to-use CNC machining center that offers an additional fully automated material handling solution.
Reduce Validation Costs by Eliminating Re-Parameterization
With the ever increasing need for improved quality and product traceability, there is a growing use of smart sensing devices on automated assembly and packaging lines in the Life Sciences Industry. However, these smart field devices require a higher degree of training for plant technicians and more documentation anytime a device is replaced. The result is increased downtime and costs associated with re-parameterization and full re-validation when replacing these smart components. Balluff offers a Distributed Modular I/O solution that allows for quick and easy replacement without the need for adjustments or re-parameterization.
Spooling Simplified with SmartMotor™ Commands Created for the Winding Industry
Moog Animatics, a division of Moog Inc., has released a firmware upgrade to their Class 5 SmartMotor (fully integrated servo motor) product line featuring innovative capabilities to simplify spooling and winding applications.
Increasing Machine Availability with B&R
Until now, preventive maintenance based on data from permanent condition monitoring has been rarely practiced due to the high cost of conventional systems. The X20 module remedies this by maximizing machine availability while minimizing the time and money spent on maintenance, allowing significant reductions to the total cost of ownership of machines and systems.
The New B&R Keypad Module
Intuitive operation right where you need it. Ergonomic design and robust construction for tough industrial environments – the new B&R keypad module with integrated illuminated ring keys perfectly combines these characteristics.
Evolving Ergonomics with Multi-touch
In the area of consumer electronics, multi-touch has not only changed the ergonomics of devices, it has changed user habits as well. In industrial automation, this technology has the potential to make machine operation more intuitive, faster and safer.
Dover Adds Controls to Mini-MAG Linear Positioning Stages
Mini-MAG (MMG) precision linear positioning stages from Dover are now available with a complete and optimized controls package.
New dimensions in decentralized drive architecture
B&R is expanding their line of drives with a series of motor-integrated servo drives with IP65 protection. The ACOPOSmulti has always been extremely modular, and it was the next logical step to merge inverters with the motor to create servo actuators that can deliver power directly where it is needed. Configurable modules thus become easy-to-connect mechatronic units. This not only saves valuable space in the control cabinet, but also cuts costs for logistics and commissioning.
Tips for Good OEE
Users and vendors explain how they have been able to boost the efficiency of their equipment by monitoring and controlling those factors within their manufacturing operations that have a direct impact on cost.
Unlimited Communication Possibilities
Fieldbus and IT networks are standards in automation today. We support the most common fieldbus systems and networks so that you can extend your machine with superior hardware solutions.
R&D at B&R (a sitdown with the company's General Manager)
The company, which was founded in 1979, has grown to 2,300 employees and boasts an impressive main facility. It has five R&D locations in Austria alone and a total of 340 employees working in the R&D department. 75% of B&R’s research is now in software tools. As Peter Gucher (photo, right), general manager of B&R, explained, “the reason the iPhone beat Nokia is because of the software.”
POWERLINK axis systems lead the field
POWERLINK is the world's most widely used Industrial Ethernet protocol in applications where plant productivity depends on fast axes and machine and sensor data is transmitted in hard real time.
Dual capacity – SensoPart code reader now includes object detection
The new FA 46 code reader from SensoPart is the only vision sensor in its price range to combine code evaluation and object detection in one device. It also offers outstanding reading ability and flexible data output. Many users now no longer need to invest in an additional object detection sensor or an expensive image processing system.
Efficient development through physical modeling
B&R and Maplesoft announced a partnership that will bring together products from both companies to save time, effort and cost for hardware-in-the-loop simulations.
IP65 drives mounted directly on the machine
Drive solutions that are matched perfectly to the application are a basic requirement for keeping machines and systems competitive. Inverters must be taken out of the switching cabinet and placed in the direct vicinity of the machine. This allows configurable modules to become mechatronic units that can be easily connected, which considerably reduces the delivery times, installation space and commissioning times.
High potential for energy savings with servo technology
Because of increased environmental awareness and to take advantage of new business opportunities, more and more machine and system manufacturers are choosing to implement innovative motion control technologies.
Easy integration of Stäubli robots using uniVAL drives & POWERLINK networks
Robots are connected to the network using POWERLINK, the real-time Ethernet standard. When using a higher-level controller, the controllers for the Stäubli robots are switched into passive mode, which still allows them to check whether incoming control commands are valid with regard to kinematics and safety.
CNC standard package for machine tool manufacturing
B&R makes further strides in machine tool manufacturing with standardized system modules for CNC machines.
Advanced system diagnostics via the Web
The user profits not just from being able to access information about system hardware and software from anywhere in the world, but also from ready-made diagnostic applets that can be easily integrated directly into applications.
$3 Million Order Highlights Continued Strong Digital Imaging Sales for DALSA
For more than 30 years DALSA has led the design, manufacture and deployment of digital imaging components for the machine vision OEM market, and now also offers end-user machine vision solutions for factory floor deployment.
Increased productivity with integrated safety
B&R is the first manufacturer to obtain certification for a fully digital servo drive safety system, including everything from sensors to actuators.
Drive solution for low power applications
In addition to controlling stepper motors, the new variation of ACOPOSmicro from B&R now also offers support for servo motors.
Seamless integration of FDT/DTM in Automation Studio
The FDT/DTM technology represents a new dimension of fieldbus device integration.
B&R - Sole MathWorks system integrator for automation
With acceptance into the system integrator program, MathWorks - the manufacturer of MATLAB® and Simulink® - recognizes B&R as having the highest level of expertise in the area of modeling and simulation. B&R is now the only official system integrator in its branch of industry.
Industrial Ethernet market study
POWERLINK and PROFINET are the most used industrial Ethernet protocols for transferring machine and sensor data in true real-time. According to a recent study conducted by the independent market research institute IMS Research, POWERLINK now holds eleven percent of the international market for industrial Ethernet systems.
IEC approves openSAFETY as worldwide standard
The fieldbus-independent openSAFETY protocol was tested according to IEC 61784-3 FSCP 13 and approved by national IEC (International Electrotechnical Comission) committees representing 27 countries including China, USA and Germany, and is therefore released for international standardization.
New 120 kW module for B&R ACOPOSmulti servo drives
With the new 120 kW module for ACOPOSmulti servo drives B&R Industrial Automation provides it’s customers not only with inverters but also power supply modules with maximum rated current values up to 165 A available to them.
Simulink PLC Coder - Automatic generation of IEC code for B&R Automation Studio
At the beginning of March, MathWorks, the leading developer and supplier of software for Technical Computing and Model-Based Design, introduced a new product for automatic generation of IEC code
New temperature control software package from B&R
Temperature control loops are an important component for machine manufacturing and are used in many machine applications.
B&R Panel PC 800
The new B&R Panel PC 800 covers a performance range from energy efficient Intel® Atom™ N270 processors to Core2™ Duo processors for applications with the highest performance requirements.