B&R - Sole MathWorks system integrator for automation

September 1, 2010 – With acceptance into the system integrator program, MathWorks - the manufacturer of MATLAB® and Simulink® - recognizes B&R as having the highest level of expertise in the area of modeling and simulation. B&R is now the only official system integrator in its branch of industry.

The B&R Automation Studio development environment provides excellent integration and complete capabilities to connect to the products from MathWorks. B&R's extensive product line in combination with the simulation and code generation tools from MathWorks provide users the possibility to use model-based development methods for machine manufacturing without limitations. "This shortens development times, which results in significant cost reductions and a faster time-to-market", explains Philipp Wallner, who is responsible for coordinating cooperation with MathWorks at B&R.

B&R system integration services

B&R system integration services include support for integrating the B&R Automation Studio Target for Simulink® into workflows that apply Model-Based Design. In addition, B&R offers services to assist with the development of machine models and closed-loop controllers based on MATLAB®, Simulink, and Stateflow®.

The B&R hardware platform fully supports code generated by Real-Time Workshop®, Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder™, and Simulink PLC Coder™.

B&R Automation Studio Target for Simulink and Simulink PLC Coder enable users to bring their Simulink or Stateflow models to the B&R PLC or industrial computer quickly and efficiently. Algorithms modeled in Simulink are translated into PLC source code (ANSI-C or IEC 61131-3 ST); integrated into B&R's development environment, Automation Studio; and transferred to the PLC or industrial computer at the push of a single button. This approach helps users to significantly cut down on development time to set up prototypes (on-target rapid prototyping).

Furthermore, full machine models created in Simulink and Stateflow can be installed on the real-time system to emulate machine behavior (hardware-in-the-loop simulation).

Typical users include

  • Developers in industrial automation who want to develop their algorithms in Simulink and then bring them to a real-time industrial target (PLC or industrial computer) as fast as possible (on-target rapid prototyping)
  • Innovative machine builders who want to use Model-Based Design to cut down on development time and expenses
  • Machine builders who want to emulate the behavior of their machine or line on a real-time target (hardware-in-the-loop simulation)


  • Automation Studio
  • Automation Studio Target for Simulink


  • Automatic code generation based on Automation Studio Target for Simulink (based on Real-Time Workshop or Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder) or Simulink PLC Coder
  • Support on development of machine models
  • Closed-loop controller development

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B&R company profile

B&R is the world’s largest and most successful private company in the area of automation equipment manufacturing. The motto “Perfection in Automation” has provided the foundation for the company since B&R was founded in 1979. Today, B&R employs 2,250 employees worldwide and has an exceptional global presence with more than 162 sales offices in over 68 countries.

B&R Industrial Automation, Inc. North America, based in Atlanta, GA, has been working closely with their customers since 1987. Since then, B&R North America has continuously grown as a sales and support organization through both direct sales offices and B&R’s unique Automation Partner distribution network. Today, B&R North America has a network of more than 20 offices throughout the USA and Canada and is there for its customers locally.

B&R - Official MathWorks system integrator.

B&R - Official MathWorks system integrator.