iAutomation Gives Back: East Greensboro Tornado Relief Fundraiser

Internal Announcemnt/Update
iAutomation Gives Back: East Greensboro
Tornado Relief Fundraiser

On Sunday, April 15th 2018 the Eastern side of Greensboro, NC was hit with an EF2 category tornado that reached windspeed of 135+ mph. Many homes were obliterated or picked up from their foundations & dropped elsewhere. While any natural disaster is devastating, those who were in the direct path of this tornado are Greensboro residents who reside in one of the lowest income areas of the city. Additionally, this is one of the most food insecure communities. Many of these residents did not possess home-owners insurance & as a result, many are left without the bare necessities, housing & are left in a time of major crisis.

iAutomation's Southeast Headquarters is based in High Point, NC. Multiple iAutomation employees in our High Point office live in Greensboro, or spend much of their time within the city that is High Point's neighbor. Once again, iAutomation employees demonstrated their compassion for their fellow Americans by stepping up during a time of need.

We are excited, yet again, & humbled to announce that iAutomation employees in just a few short days collectively donated a total of $685. Paired with iAutomation's fiscal match, we finished our fundraiser with a grand total of $2,370!

The donations from employees, along with iAutomation's fiscal match, have been donated to the Greater Greensboro Community Foundation. The GGCF has the ability to disperse donated funds specifically for tornado relief efforts, to multiple organizations in the immediate community that needs the most help in recovering.
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