iAutomation Website Released

Beverly, MA - March 17th, 2011

As a result of our merging brands from AutomationSolutions/Integrated Motion to iAutomation, we are proud to release our new website. The website will replace our existing sites for AutomationSolutions and Integrated Motion. Not only does this new website provide a lot more detailed information about our services, it also features news and case studies related to modern automation technology. In creating this site, we wanted to paint a better picture as to how we have uniquely been able to help clients solve problems and make it easier for them to grow their business in the global marketplace.

This website was designed purely with our customer base in mind, which is an effort to further contribute to a pleasant customer experience. Note that our Customer Center portal is still available and can be access from the new site. It allows you to see, in real time, your quotes and order status detail, among other things. If you have any comments about this new website, positive or negative, they are more than welcome.

Josh Walters
Manager of Marketing & New Business Development
(336) 698-3407

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