Piedmont Automation Joins iAutomation

Piedmont Automation joins Action Automation


September 9th, 2016

iAutomation is pleased to announce the acquisition of Piedmont Automation (www.piedmontautomation.com) as our latest affirmation of commitment to expand and improve services to our customers and the partnership with our strategic suppliers.

Piedmont Automation, headquartered in Duluth, GA, is a full-service sales, integration, engineering and support organization dedicated to providing unique control system solutions to OEMs and End Users in Georgia and Florida. This is iAutomation's third major acquisition in 9 years, with Action Automation of North Attleboro, MA coming aboard most recently in 2011.

Both organizations are rooted in providing innovative solutions to our customers through superior sales and engineering capabilities and we are excited by the best practices that both organizations can begin sharing with each other.

The foundation of iAutomation has resulted in significant value to customers through our ability to support them with every aspect of their applications. The addition of Piedmont Automation’s strengths in machine control and engineering services will only serve to enhance this overall value. As we welcome Piedmont Automation into the iAutomation brand, we believe that their expertise in engineering highly technical solutions will greatly contribute toward expanding our offerings and overall presence on the East Coast.

Josh Walters
Marketing Director
(336) 698-3409

more about Piedmont Automation
Piedmont Automation
2763 Meadow Church Rd
Suite 204
Duluth, GA 30097
(678) 825-5699 Phone
(888) 433-6570 Fax

Piedmont Automation has a broad range of applications experience and specialized training on leading automation products. They serve many industries and hundreds of clients, providing sales and engineering support. Through perseverance and dedication, invigorated employees have built a thriving multidisciplinary firm, forecasting expanding sales and promising opportunities into the future.