About Us

iAutomation is a group of automation professionals dedicated to bringing you the latest in innovative machine control solutions and services. We take the risk and guesswork out of machine automation projects. Our success is measured by your complete satisfaction – we smile when your automation project delivers a meaningful competitive advantage to you and your company. Our customers are OEM machine builders and end users along the East Coast from Maine to Florida. They have been our best references for 30 years. Give us a call. We’d love to share our automation stories with you.

iAutomation is the combination of several successful automation distributors, including respected brands such as AutomationSolutions, Integrated Motion, Action Automation & Piedmont Automation. Customers tell us that we stand alone in the marketplace – that there is no better source for automation engineering, technology and service.

A True Automation Resource.

iAutomation helps you create competitive leverage with automation. This is a lofty goal, to help you make a machine that delivers so much real value to your end customer, that you stand head-and-shoulders above others. We can do this by digging deep into your project, and leveraging our long experience, our deep market knowledge, and our exclusive partnerships with key automation suppliers. We pride ourselves in providing total solutions specific to your needs, from project specification, to on-site deployment. We will take a project only as far as you need. But in the end, we both want a machine worth talking about.

Most Competent and Tenacious Automation Engineers.

Spend 15 minutes with one of our engineers and you’ll feel a clear difference. Our questions are different, focused on you, your application, and your development plans. With over 500 years of combined automation experience in just about every industry, our team is eager to help you make the ‘right’ automation choice for your specific project. Because, like you, we expect to live with your solution for many years.

While “motion control” is our heritage and one of our core competencies, iAutomation covers the major elements of your machine automation solution. These include programmable logic controllers, industrial computers, vision systems, intelligent sensors, mechanical components, human machine interfaces, safety equipment, pneumatics, power distribution, and related services (e.g. aluminum extrusion assemblies, panel building, custom software, custom manifold assemblies, product integration, and training).

Through this experience, exposure to many industries and intensive, ongoing training, we lower your risk and guarantee the success of your automation project.
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Premier Brands/Products/Technologies.

We are thankful that the best automation suppliers go out of their way to work with us. As a distributor, iAutomation can offer you a wide selection of the highest performance controls systems that are available on the market today – all at the best value. Our deep knowledge of the automation market helps you make better, more informed and practical choices for your automation project.