Our Engineers

iAutomation has real automation engineers. We hire the best engineers from the best schools and then train them in automation technologies on real-world projects. They are not salespeople, but unbiased automation engineers. They love machines, and love to find the perfect solution to our clients’ automation challenges.

Unlike any other distributors, our team of project engineers offer the services and flexibility to work with you to ensure a successful installation and utilization of the best controls systems available.

Our goal is to ensure that you are delighted with your selection of iAutomation as your supplier and will trust us for your next project. When you choose iAutomation, you get engineers who are trained in the technology and applications to ensure success.

We design your solution in close partnership with your team. We test your functionality thoroughly at our facilities before we deliver, then we monitor and stand behind your system. We want you to be delighted in all aspects of the project

We pride ourselves on having the smartest, most creative and well trained staff of anyone in the industry. All members of our staff go through an extensive training and apprenticeship program. Further, you are not just getting the attention of one person on our staff. Instead, you are benefiting from our collective knowledge. Every week, for collaboration and advice, our engineers present to the entire staff the applications on which they are working.