Our founders began their automation careers in the 1980’s, helping several prominent motion control manufacturers expand and grow. In the late 90’s they founded several independent high-tech distributors, each in a different East Coast geography.

In 2007, Integrated Motion and AutomationSolutions joined forces, and in 2010 re-branded as iAutomation.
In 2011, iAutomation acquired Action Automation.

By combining forces, we expand and enhance each other’s capabilities, and provide a stable, diverse and growing base of automation customers. Machine automation customers want as complete a solution as possible, including pneumatics and mechatronics, sensors, vision, safety and robotics. Action and iAutomation joined together to provide all these technologies in a unified, customer-specific solution. The combination of iAutomation and Action provides a broad spectrum of complimentary products, technologies and engineering services to our customers, with a singular focus on enhancing their competitive advantage. Our engineers provide OEMs compelling automation solutions from Maine to South Carolina.

The automation market has changed drastically over the past 25 years, and we have been lucky enough to be in the center of it all. Over the years we have broadened our technology and services, and developed lasting relationships with thousands of successful clients.

What hasn’t changed is our vision of delivering real and lasting value to our customers.

iAutomation History