Seamless integration of FDT/DTM in Automation Studio

September 22, 2010 – The FDT/DTM technology represents a new dimension of fieldbus device integration. For the first time, functionality is available that harmonizes communication and configuration of fieldbus devices from various manufacturers independent of the bus system used. Automation Studio is equipped with a universal FDT container (Field Device Tool) for linking any Device Type Manager (DTM) using a plug-in interface. Fieldbus devices delivered with a DTM can be easily integrated directly into the control system topology.

Fully integrated in the B&R I/O system

Embedding of the device manufacturer's graphic interface in Automation Studio simplifies the configuration and diagnosis of the device. This reduces project setup and commissioning time to a minimum. Transparent integration of the I/O data was a main focus during the implementation of this technology in Automation Studio. Thanks to full integration in the B&R system, data points are linked with the program's logical process variables in the same easy and efficient manner as with B&R modules. For the application, this takes the focus off of the fieldbus being used. This seamless integration provides investment security for the software by ensuring that any future changes to the fieldbus won't affect the application.

Easy replacement of fieldbus devices in the field

Manual re-programming after replacing a fieldbus device is now a thing of the past thanks to the centralized storage of device parameters on the PLC. The controller automatically loads the necessary configuration data onto the new device. This reduces service times and makes on-site maintenance much easier because no programming tools are needed for the process.

FDT/DTM fully integrated in Automation Studio.

FDT/DTM fully integrated in Automation Studio.