Simulink PLC Coder - Automatic generation of IEC code for B&R Automation Studio

July 1, 2010 – At the beginning of March, MathWorks, the leading developer and supplier of software for Technical Computing and Model-Based Design, introduced a new product for automatic generation of IEC code. Simulink PLC Coder extends Model-Based Design for the industrial automation segment by helping create source code in structured text (IEC 61131-3 ST) using Simulink models that can be easily integrated in B&R Automation Studio.

"Model-Based Design helps machine manufacturing companies to efficiently leverage valuable development resources while managing costs and speeding time-to-market. B&R has proven that it is an innovative solution provider by offering a universal interface to integrate code generated by Real-Time Workshop and Simulink PLC Coder in the Automation Studio development environment." states Tom Erkkinen, embedded applications manager, MathWorks.

The perfect complement to B&R Automation Studio Target for Simulink

Simulink PLC Coder perfectly complements the automatic code generation solution that has been offered by B&R for two years now - Automation Studio Target for Simulink. B&R provides users the option to generate ANSI-C or structured text code alternatively and automatically integrate it into the automation project.

Efficient development through simulation and Model-Based Design

Model-Based Design, together with automatic code generation allows development processes to be significantly shortened, creating shorter and more cost efficient design workflows. Design errors are detected early during simulation, and algorithms that have been tested in models can be transferred to the industrial controller at the push of a button. However, integration of the respective tool is always a decisive factor. Close cooperation between B&R and MathWorks will ensure continuity in this area in the future.

B&R company profile

B&R is the world’s largest and most successful private company in the area of automation equipment manufacturing. The motto “Perfection in Automation” has provided the foundation for the company since B&R was founded in 1979. Today, B&R employs 2,100 employees worldwide and has an exceptional global presence with more than 162 sales offices in over 68 countries.

B&R Industrial Automation, Inc. North America, based in Atlanta, GA, has been working closely with their customers since 1987. Since then, B&R North America has continuously grown as a sales and support organization through both direct sales offices and B&R’s unique Automation Partner distribution network. Today, B&R North America has a network of more than 20 offices throughout the USA and Canada and is there for its customers locally.

IEC 61131-3 ST source code created by the Simulink PLC Coder is seamlessly integrated in B&R Automation Studio.

IEC 61131-3 ST source code created by the Simulink PLC Coder is seamlessly integrated in B&R Automation Studio.

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